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Custom Automotive Accessories and Corporate Apparel

You will notice that many of our custom products feature Acura NSX related products! Well, I am the original owner of a 1998 NSX-T; I started making these products as my personal needs necessitated them. The word got out, and our business has flourished mostly through word-of-mouth referrals from friends and car club forums. In short, we specialize in custom products such as mats and car covers for all types of brands and models. Many are one-of-a-kind custom requests and not for retail. Our manufacturer has licensing agreements with several car manufacturers to use their logo on mats and covers. Our apparel line of business started back in 1999 as part of a bid made to NSX Club of America for NSXPO 1999 at Laguna Seca - let's just say the motivation was a selfish one, I wanted to parade in apparel with NSX logos! As a major sponsor of our car club, the local Acura dealer has retailed our products and displayed them in the parts showroom. Since then, we have helped schools, churches, summer camps, non-profit and for-profit businesses, and track oriented car clubs. No project has been too small or too big to handle; we thrive on challenging projects and requests.

We look forward to the opportunity to offer you high quality products and superior customer service; this is our commitment to you. We cherish and value our focus on service with satisfied and repeat customers. You asked for many pictures, so we gladly obliged. Enjoy!