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Apparel - Our apparel shop offers the full range of professional services from art work concept to actual design reviews and final drawing for silk screen or digitizing your logo for embroidery all done in house. We can order your apparel and accessories either from our manufacturers and distributors or use the ones you have an account with or supply us.

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Silk Screen T-Shirts
Embroidery - Sweaters / Polos / Hats
Customized Duffle Bags


Custom SunShields or Sunshades? Call them what you like!  The marketing hype says these will reduce inside temps by up to 40F! We let you be the judge and jury. Reflects harmful UV rays. Rolls up with Velcro strap. Yes we supply to most dealers; and we offer limited lifetime warranty too! We have over 1600 digitized templates!!



Acura NSX

Acura MDX



One of a kind products!l Click to see larger images

Silk Screen on Brass Plaque

Wheel and Clock





Door mat - rubber or foam backing









Accessory Options