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All mats come with an option of nibbed rubber backing like some OEM or foam backing; most recent orders have been for rubber because it can be hosed. Price is the same for both options.

We can embroider pretty much any customized logo with in house digitization options. You can choose different logo colors from the border of the mats at no extra cost - as long as we carry the colors in stock. There are more than 250 embroidery color threads and we have successfully matched all requests.

We can also cut customer provided carpeting to make floor mats; please inquire for more details.

Our floor mats come with double density patented heel guard. Check if the others offer this feature too! Also, ours have a weight of 32 oz. which is almost double the OEM weight. We also offer a 54 oz. weight option for higher end and more plush look - but your seat rails may not go over them unless of course you want to shave the pile.

We are the only company that offers lifetime warranty for wear and tear! And in all the 10 years, we have had only one customer that put a hole on the double density patented heel guard with his "shoe" in just six months of use......... we didn't ask whether he was wearing high heels with steel guar
d! We sent him a new mat! That should tell you something when you compare products, pricing and service.

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