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Harness Pads. Look cool while also obeying the law!

All NSX logo pictures are my personal use items and are offered as examples; they are not for retail!

OEM size with embroidered logo

3" wide race with embroidered logo

Great for those who have after market 3" harnesses for racing. Fits over the shoulder and cushions the pressure exerted on the shoulder hence the neck muscles too.  Other than that, they look cool and make a statement that you are into your status symbol of driving an on/or off the track. The 3" racing harness pad comes in black only with options of logo colors.

Caution: the harness pads are not of Nomex material or fire retardant, and do not offer fire protection if that is a requirement in your local club racing or high performance driving events.

We can also custom make harness pads for your boy racing team with your preferred logo. The OEM size comes also in red and yellow colors. For embroidery color options, please check the floor mat section. Happy motoring!



IROC-Z logo is with licensing permission

We are confident that you have not seen this one before on a harness bar!!

Harness Pads