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For those who will be asking what color will match their interior, here is the gist of a response from our first customer: the Oak with Parchment border will work with either type E (taupe) or type F (tan). The Parchment with Oak border would probably work best with type F (tan). You can customize your optional logo with the same color as the border or the mat. All Legend trunks have gray interior. Our Steel Gray, Oak, and even Charcoal have been used for trunk mats. It all depends on your tastes and needs.

The French have a saying from the early 1800s which they borrowed from Latin Scholasticism, and added a reference to colors as well: "des gouts et des couleurs, on ne dispute pas!"

Oak with Parchment Border
Dark Brown Parchment Border Customized Logo

Parchment Coupe Set

Rear Mats Coupe vs Sedan

Steel Gray

Parchment with Oak Border
The Back View
Brown with Parchment Border





Custom Logo Coupe Mats

Custom Logo Mat

Trunk Mat - Oak with Parchment

Acura Legend