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The stacked keeps the garage looking less cluttered and clean - makes the wife happy!

Made of the same Denier material as our car covers
UV resistant - good for sun exposed track use
The single keeps the trunk clean when carrying a flat tire

The key advantage of ours over the competition is with its full wrap around, you will not have road debris/track rubber falling off in your trunk. Both products come with generous fabric; the stack can easily accommodate four 18" wheels with 30 series tires; and it comes with a storage bag. The single tire/wheel has the same pull chord (as in the stacked cover) to adjust to the size of your tire/wheel; and it loops over the inside tire almost to the edge of the inside rim of a 17" wheel - perfect for a clean way of hauling your tire in the trunk and keeping the trunk carpeting/mat clean. Of course, both products have applicability on other tires/wheels as well. Both are very compact and fit in a glove compartment! And they will match our custom car cover too!

We can customize these with logo of your color choice for an additional fee
; please inquire. 

Tire cover - stacked

Tire cover - single

Tire cover - combo

Tire Covers