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Carbrella / Soft T- Top

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Carbrella Soft T-Top

The Carbrella soft T-top is ideally targeted to those who:

  1. Do not want to carry their T-top in the engine bay.Yes, there are a few of us out there....
  2. Have a T-top and want to show off their engines (especially boosted engines), yet not wanting to be caught without some protection if they park it outside or it drizzles. And no one wants to travel with the OEM T-top bouncing in the trunk while you are soaking sun on the twisties....I know a few who can attest to that.
  3. Leave their T-top securely on the ground while auto-crossing only to find out it was damaged when they are ready to go home, one was actually driven over.....yes, we witnessed the tire marks on one yellow top
  4. Do not like the hassle of putting on and off the T-top every time they go out and park in a public structures, leave it outdoors where birds (poops) abound, or open to the elements such as pollen or UV rays from the sun.....
  5. Some, especially in Florida and Southern California drive without their T-tops most of the time. While this is not the Lexan they wanted, it is a much cheaper alternative and more convenient protection.

The Carbrella soft T-top is NOT for driving. It is an alternative, lighter weight and more convenient option than using the OEM T-top in sunnier states or when parking after a spirited drive. This product has a strong following among the Porsche, Lotus and Corvette owners. We can offer those products as well.

The outside facing fabric is water resistant but the application is NOT water tight as they sit on the A and B pillars. Three years of R&D and we could not resolve the issue of securing it on the drainage grooves like the OEM short of using a similar latch. However, they will withstand minor drizzle as the drain ducts on the pillars will take care of minor water.

Shipping time-lines are about 2-3 weeks. So get ready for topping off and enjoy your Ts ...... !

Carbrella / Soft T-Top